1. Some recent artwork by our students from Life Drawing, Advanced Painting, Layout and Illustration classes!

  2. fondulady:

    Upset children for Character Design class!

    Check out this great piece by Renee Faundo!

  3. James Baxter came to visit CalArts on 9/19 and 9/20. He demonstrated the process he uses to animate, and shared his thoughts on creating compelling movement, performance and action.

    He created this incredible animation in front of our very eyes. We’re very thankful to James for this two-part lecture! 

    Photo album on Facebook (86 photos)

    Photograph by Amanda Candler.

  4. absmagno:

    the mutt, the king 

    i find myself getting constantly stoked on rodney mullen’s philosophies on skating. he’s a true hero of mine.

    (i’m also procrastinating)

    BFA3 student Abby Magno!

  5. jbaxteranimator:

    Benedict puts on a sweater, in what apparently has become an ongoing series of CalArts lecture tests featuring animals messing around with clothes! This one was fun to do!

    The amazing James Baxter created this animation during his two-part lecture a couple of weeks ago! Enjoy!!!

  6. erinkimart:

    Little fruit watercolor.

    My original plan for this watercolor series was to learn portuguese words. I doodled something and wrote down the word in Portuguese.

    I stopped writing down the Portuguese words (I got lazy), , but I still know all the food names! 

    Beautiful work by BFA3 student Erin Kim!

  7. More amazing work from Jasmin Lai!

    (Source: ducksofrubber)

  8. Here’s a Vimeo channel of several first-week-of-school films by our students. It’s amazing what can be done in a short period of time!

  9. kendallnelsonart:

    So excited to be back at CalArts after a great summer!

    Awesome gif by BFA2 student Kendall Nelson! Thanks to Zach Marcus for the link!

  10. Character Animation alum Megan Woods creates beautiful cut-outs, including this one of Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

    Check out more of Megan’s work on her blog!

    (Photo via)

  11. On Thursday May 8th 2014, we held our annual Producers’ Show at the Television Academy in North Hollywood. This year’s show featured guests of honor Chris Buck (Director, Frozen) and Michael Giaimo (Art Director, Frozen), who gave out the Walter & Gracie Lantz Animation Prize to Jacob Streilein for his film There’s a Man in the Woods and the Peers’ Pick to Ricky Cometa for Corridors. The show’s full film list is posted on the CalArts blog, and you can view most of this year’s films on our Vimeo channel.

    Full photo set, via our Facebook page

    (All photographs by Scott Groller)

  12. Sabrina Cotugno’s Night Parade is a dazzling film with beautiful design and storytelling. See more of her work on her Tumblr.

  13. Jeff Liu’s film Eat! is set in a unique world, and features some beautiful animation and visual touches. Jeff writes and performs his own music; check out his Tumblr, where you can view recent artwork and songs.

  14. Shion Takeuchi's film When the Time is Ripe is ingenious.

  15. Change in the Weather is by the wonderful Amelia Lorenz.