1. jbaxteranimator:

    Benedict puts on a sweater, in what apparently has become an ongoing series of CalArts lecture tests featuring animals messing around with clothes! This one was fun to do!

    The amazing James Baxter created this animation during his two-part lecture a couple of weeks ago! Enjoy!!!

  2. erinkimart:

    Little fruit watercolor.

    My original plan for this watercolor series was to learn portuguese words. I doodled something and wrote down the word in Portuguese.

    I stopped writing down the Portuguese words (I got lazy), , but I still know all the food names! 

    Beautiful work by BFA3 student Erin Kim!

  3. nicole-stafford:

    Jason Reicher, Jacob Streilein, and I got the opportunity to design and animate a logo for Gary Glasberg’s new Production company “When Pigs Fly Inc.”

    Gary has been the showrunner for NCIS, The Mentalist, and Bones and was a really cool guy to work with. The logo will air on Tuesday nights on CBS after NCIS: New Orleans.

    We all worked together on the visual development but Jacob did most of the color and design work as well as painting the beautiful background. Jason did some awesome rough animation for the pig that I tied down. We all animated some miscellaneous background elements and I designed the logo letters and animated the shine. Jacob had a huge hand in the compositing and work flow and Jason did a huge amount compositing work that really tied the whole thing together! It was a pretty fun project altogether.

    Three of our students collaborated on this logo: Nicole StaffordJason Reicher, and Jacob Streilein. Great work!

  4. More amazing work from Jasmin Lai!

    (Source: ducksofrubber)

  5. Body of the Palace is a show opening this Saturday September 27th at DAX Gallery in Costa Mesa, featuring work by CalArts alumni in tribute to our late, great teacher Michael E. Mitchell. Artists featured in the show are: Samir ‘Evol’ ArghandiwalJeremy Bernstein, Tony Caropino, Dave CreekLinda DornJon Gomez, Adam Greene, Nick JeongMorgan KellyJR SmithJimmy ThompsonChris Wood, and Jin Kyu Anh. The show runs until October 21st. 

    (image via)

  6. Here’s a Vimeo channel of several first-week-of-school films by our students. It’s amazing what can be done in a short period of time!

  7. Check out this 90 second video from the 2014 Digital Arts Expo at CalArts this past spring! The video has lots of cool footage from the event. Students from all over the institute contributed — there were innovative installations, instruments, art pieces and more! 

  8. Our students have been making short films this week as an assignment for their Film Workshop classes. Check out this short film by Seth Boyden, BFA4 student.

  9. In this video, CalArts alum Genndy Tartakovsky talks about his upcoming new animated film Popeye! The film is expected in 2016. Recent alums Henry Yu and Jushtin Lee will both have credits in it. 

  10. kendallnelsonart:

    So excited to be back at CalArts after a great summer!

    Awesome gif by BFA2 student Kendall Nelson! Thanks to Zach Marcus for the link!

  11. tinyinventions:

    Wonderful comic by Ru Kuwahata from Tiny Inventions

  12. A number of CalArts alums received Creative Arts Emmys a couple of weeks ago! From the CalArts blog:

    CalArts alumni artists from the schools of Film/Video and Theater—Alonso Ramirez Ramos (Film/Video BFA 10), Jasmin Lai (Film/Video 12), Sean Szeles (Film/Video BFA 03), Ian Worrel (Film/Video BFA 08) and Gloria Lamb (Theater BFA 05)—won 2014 Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday (Aug. 16) at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. 

    Congrats to those who won, and everyone who was nominated!

    (The video above is Sean Szeles’ pilot Long Live the Royals for Cartoon Network)

  13. Here is a video of director Patrick Osborne discussing his short film Feast (Walt Disney Animation Studios), which premiered at Annecy this summer. Feast will play with the upcoming feature Big Hero 6 (opening November 7th). Patrick taught a section of our first-year CG Character Animation class last year. 

  14. School starts soon! Meantime, check out Sean Buckelew’s new film Hopkins & Delaney LLP. Sean describes his process in this making-of blog post, and includes images from his sketchbook, research ideas, and even a downloadable Flash file from his film. 

    (image by Sean Buckelew, via)

    Sean’s film Another (2013) is fantastic too. See more of Sean’s work on his tumblr, twitter and website.

  15. Character Animation alum Megan Woods creates beautiful cut-outs, including this one of Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

    Check out more of Megan’s work on her blog!

    (Photo via)